We are technically qualified engineers & carry out Movable as well as Immovable asset valuation.

Movable Asset Valuation

Two Wheelers, Three Wheelers, Four Wheelers, Trucks & Buses, Construction Equipments etc. are Movable Assets. India is having huge market of second hand / commercial vehicles as well as vehicle finance companies (Banks, NBFC, etc.) The Value of Vehicle varies with its make, model, year of manufacture, usage, accident history, extra fitting, etc.

Immovable Asset Valuation

Shelter / home come under prime necessity of human. The cost of construction varies from type of construction, material used, age of the building, location, amenities, etc. Huge Industrial sheds; Open Land, Godowns, Warehouse, Multiplexes, hotels etc. are prime properties.

Most of the Movable as well as Immovable assets are financed by the Financial Institution like Bank, NBFC, Cooperative Society, etc.; hence it is very much important to arrive correct Market Value of the asset (Movable as well as Immovable)

With our technical knowledge, physical verification of asset, related documents verification, area calculation, guidelines of government rate schedule, etc. we arrives correct Market Value of the inspected asset. Detailed & unbiased report with appropriate photographs & supporting documents is produced to the Financial Institution within the time frame.