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Lenders Independent Engineer

Lenders Independent Engineer

A Lenders Independent Engineer (LIE) is a professional engineer who works with lending institutions to audit projects from a technical perspective. Lending institutions, such as banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), appoint LIEs to monitor and review the progress of sanctioned projects.
The Lenders Independent Engineer (LIE) report is a detailed evaluation conducted by an independent engineer chosen by the lender. It assesses the technical aspects and potential risks associated with a project. This report helps the lender understand the projects feasibility, construction progress, adherence to technical standards, and overall performance. It provides valuable insights to the lender, enabling them to make informed decisions about financing and managing technical risks. Essentially, the LIE report ensures that the lender has a clear understanding of the projects technical aspects and potential challenges before providing financial support.

The role of an LIE is to

Assess risks: Identify and mitigate risks in sanctioned projects Assure lenders: Provide assurance that the development is suited to its operational functions Verify work: Verify the physical status of work being done on the site Report on finances: Judge and report on the amount of finance being used on the project